On a really hot day of June, me and my friends decided to make a day excursion. Trust me, there is nothing better than driving to the southern part of Attica, known as the Athenian Riviera. Our goal was to drive to “the sacred cape of the Athenians”, Cape Sounion and maybe stop for a coffee in Vouliagmeni.

Cape Sounion
The Saronic Gulf is one of the most popular sailing destinations!

The Cape Sounion is situated approximately 70 km from the city of Athens. There one can find the most photographed monument, the Temple of Poseidon.

Keep your eyes peeled for beautiful hidden beaches within the countless caves!

Passing by some of the most beautiful suburbs of Athens like Glyfada, Vouliagmeni and Varkiza, we slowed down to enjoy this wonderful drive along the scenic coastal road. The drive allows splendid views, so we made many stops to take pictures and to enjoy the idyllic beaches of the Saronic Gulf. The most important thing is to try to keep your eyes peeled for beautiful hidden beaches within the countless caves.

Cape Sounion
Attica has no shortage of picturesque beaches!

Continuing our small getaway we decided to make the most of our little trip by indulging in a refreshing swim and treating ourselves in a seaside tavern. Don’t forget that fresh seafood accompanied by a glass of ouzo, together with the summer breeze is an absolute must!

Cape Sounion
Whether you want to relax on sandy beaches or dive into the turquoise waters, Athenian Riviera has it for you!

After our lunch, we headed to the magnificent Cape Sounion. We didn’t want to visit it before the sun goes down. Nevertheless, the place is famous for amazing sunsets one can watch. While we were approaching, the glorious Cape Sounion seemed as if it rises like a sheer cliff art of the sea.

Cape Sounion
The temple dedicated to the god of sea, Poseidon.

On the peak of Cape Sounion, a temple dedicated to the God of Sea is perched in a very strategic location. The inspiring Temple of Poseidon is overlooking the Aegean Sea, while standing as a beacon for travelers. Stepping into this sacred place, you feel like travelling back in time.

Cape Sounion
Breathtaking views from southernmost tip of Attica!

The Temple was build in the glorious times of 5th century BC. With its elegant and tall Doric columns, this memorable site used to be one of the most important sanctuaries in Greece. The legend has it that king Aegeus fell from this cliff because he thought that his son Theseus was killed by the Minotaur in Crete. Therefore, he has given his name to the Aegean Sea.

Cape Sounion
One of the most important sanctuaries of ancient Athens!

We stayed there amazed while watching the beautiful sunset. Soaked up the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea until the sun disappeared from the horizon. A truly beautiful experience, a day filled with nature in a precious historical place.

Cape Sounion is the last point of land that seafarers could see when they sailed away in the Aegean!

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