Athens is great, but sometimes everyone has to break out of the big city’s hustle. I’ve always loved the quick getaways, especially when spring is just around the corner. Sometimes the best I can do is to escape in nature and enjoy the sound of wind in the trees.

Delphi and Galaxidi
Monuments and temples in the Delphi Archaeological site.

It’s been more than ten years since I visited the Delphi Archaeological site, so I thought it was a great opportunity to visit it again on my way to Galaxidi. On the contrary, my friends just wanted a day trip, no museums and sightseeings included.

Nevertheless, with two and a half hours drive ahead, I had enough time to convince them. To put it defferently, after a nice road-trip we arrived at our first stop… Delphi.

Delphi and Galaxidi
Ruins that connect us with history!

Delphi is situated on the south slopes of Mount Parnassos. There are magnificent views in all directions such as the Gulf of Corinth and the plethora of wild olive trees. When strolling in the pretty town of Delphi, you realize that something magical is going on in this place. Overlooking the Gulf of Itea and the valleys filled with olive trees in the Delphic landscape is the ultimate harmony.

Something magical is going on in this place!

The spiritual energy, the stunning geophysical landscape and history meet and dance together. According to the legends, this place was magical and famous for it’s power to heal the sick and inspire the poets.

Delphi and Galaxidi
Where the stunning geophysical landscape and history meet!

Indeed, Delphi was the centre of the world in the eyes of the ancient Greeks. The legend has it that two eagles met in this magnificent monumental complex, after being sent by Zeus to discover the naval of the world. The sanctuary and the Oracle, made us feel the mystery and traveled us back in times. It is where Pythia channeled prophecies from Apollo himself, while steeped in a dreamlike trance.

Delphi and Galaxidi
The ruins and one another breathtaking view!

In the mood of exploring, I gave myself the chance to see the Castalia springs with the two monumental fountains and admire the ancient theater and stadium. Walking in these sacred paths we witnessed the Sanctuary of god Apollo and the Athenian Treasury of Delphi.

Delphi and Galaxidi
Museum highlights.

The remaining ruins of the Oracle and its scenic surroundings took our breath away. Oblviously, my visit couldn’t be completed without visiting the outstanding museum. Yes, as you can guess the others didn’t follow me into the museum and stayed outside to admire the spertacular view.

Delphi and Galaxidi
Heniokhos and his chariot, one of the finest examples of bronze statues.

Museum highlights include the Charioteer of Delphi, the statue of Antinoos, Kleobis and Biton and the Naxian Sphinx. In conclusion, after this enriching experience we decided to continue our road-trip to Galaxidi.

Delphi and Galaxidi
The Gulf of Corinth.

Driving through the mountainous landscapes of Fokida we reached this picturesque seaside town, a real gem on the Gulf of Corinth. Also known as “island on land”, Galaxidi is a great one-day vacation getaway! It had a period of real importance in maritime history, due to it’s blooming shipping industry in the early 1800s.

Delphi and Galaxidi
The coastal town of Galaxidi and its two ports.

The Nautical and Ethnological museum, the two small harbours and the beautiful Captain’s mansions bare witness to the history of Galaxidi. Having a tranquil stroll around the narrow cobblestoned streets with the very well preserved neoclassical naval houses, the charm of Galaxidi overwhelmed us all.

Delphi and Galaxidi
Walking alongside the ports.

Bougainvilleas climb on the stone walls and jasmine flowers fill the neighbourhoods with welcoming colors and aromas. Two beautiful 19th century cathedrals, St. Nicholas located in the highest point of the old town and St. Paraskevi with a zodiac circle on its floor are a must.

Delphi and Galaxidi
The coastal seafood restaurants and ducks swimming.

After a walk by the right side of the port and feeding the ducks, we got carried away to Pera Panta. It’s a vibrant forested area, giving you an opportunity for great panoramic photos!

Delphi and Galaxidi
I just loved this traditional patisserie and its sweets!

Along the way there are also small detached pebbled coves popular for swimming. After having a good look around, we enjoyed our lunch at a waterfront terrace with fresh seafood and other local dishes. We didn’t miss the chance to try the traditional ravani, a kind of syrup cake made of rice!

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Delphi and Galaxidi
A sweet sign of an old bakery with traditional and local sweets.