Describing the Nerdom concept in a few words, it would be “From Nerds to other Nerds”. From the old-school comic fan to the modern Gamer and hardcore movie-fan, we all hide a nerd inside us.

Hats for every taste.

So, Nerdom is here to bring value to these people by offering them a big range of unique and high-quality products. Clothes, accessories, home-based products, and collectibles are only some of the products that can be found in Nerdom. In addition, their e-shop is designed to be simple and easy to navigate as a modern e-shop should be.

After all, we are all geeks in a way

From the first time, they focused on their customers and the things that need to be done to satisfy them. Only this way, the right product is being chosen in order to be placed in their online and offline store to offer the maximum level of satisfaction.

Satisfying your inner nerd with the coolest stuff!

The first thing is that they focus on quality. Nerdom’s team is searching around the world constantly, to find unique products and the best creators to cooperate. The second one is that they can recognize the trends by being nerds themselves. For example, one will definitely find at Nerdom the products from every new Marvel movie or the next best-selling video-game.  

A big wallet collection indeed

Summarizing their mission would be: ”Satisfying your inner nerd with the coolest stuff ”!

Above all, you will find the t-shirt you’ve been searching for…

Operating from April 2017, Nerdom has acquainted great acceptance. Andreas says, “There is nothing more important than the happiness of our customers when they have our products in their hands”.

Captain America’s gear for everyone!

If you like superheroes, movies, comics, and games Nerdom is the place to visit. It will be a pleasure for them to meet you. Find unique Greek shops in Athens. To chat with Andriana or any of our other amazing local experts, connect on Butlair!