Butlair teamAndriana

Andriana is an award-winning designer who lives between London and Athens. As a creative-thinker, she loves walking around the city to find upcoming street artists, original boutiques and funky shops. She is very observant when it comes to young designers and her collection of unique items is exceptional.

Butlair teamGregory

Gregory appreciates good food and gets intrigued by family-run restaurants. He enjoys introducing himself in new flavors and inspiration always finds him when he’s eating out either in a Michelin-starred restaurant or in a small hidden bistro downtown. Last time Gregory ate at home was 2 years ago, so he is definitely the person you want to ask where to find a delicious meal.

Butlair teamGalateia

Galateia is an adventure enthusiast who enjoys planning trips and small getaways in nature. She always finds time to discover the suburbs of Athens even if she only has 3 to 4 hours after work. Galateia believes that there is no such thing as bad weather and loves winter swimming. She is an explorer, supports sustainable living and is always up for a challenge.

Butlair teamBilly

Billy works as a bartender in some of the biggest party venues in Athens. He enjoys mixing drinks with sweet or savory ingredients and making people happy. Except from mixing drinks, he also loves combining tunes as he is also a DJ and a fan of dance music. He is definitely the night owl of the team.

Butlair teamMaria

Maria studied Law but her passion is art and photography. When she is not busy working as a lawyer, Maria enjoys shooting portraits of her friends, visiting art galleries and meeting aspiring artists. A lot of her photographs have been featured in some local magazines and her knowledge in art history is profound.

Butlair teamIsmini

Ismini has a thing for fashion and shopping is the most serene activity for her. She can be annoying when it comes to shoes as she will search the whole city from small family-run clothing stores to big malls so she finds the perfect pair. Ismini has a keen eye for detail and her friends love her as long as they don’t go out shopping together.

Butlair teamKallia

Kallia loves history and enjoys reading everything about it. She teaches literature and ancient Greek, leads guided tours in museums for her students and gives history lessons for her friends. She cites great female philosophers like Hypatia of Alexandria and Simone de Beauvoir for her inspiration in life.


Antonis is an avid cinephile and loves spending time watching movies. He is always looking for the summer, not for its sunny weather and the Greek islands, but Athens and its plethora of open-air cinemas. He has a passion for Jazz and enjoys playing the saxophone. After a good movie screening, he likes to explore the city center for cozy bars with great music.


Vasso is Butlair’s blog Head editor. She lives between Athens and Dubai. She has pinned many places on the world map, because of her endless thirst for discovering other cultures and meeting new people. Favorite cities are Rome and New York, but her heart belongs to Athens. She is passionate with the interior design, vintage stores and theater. Vasso is a coffee addict and is the happiest when good food is around.