Anyone would like to have Panos as a host. With studies in Hotel Management and a Masters degree in History of Arts and Fashion, Panos decided to focus on what makes him happy. Therefore, he started using the Airbnb Platform in 2015 by renting his own property.

The host and apartment's details

”I wanted to disperse the idea of Greek hospitality as far as I could. My dream is to offer my guests the ‘lived in’ house experience”, Panos says. With the hope that Airbnb accommodates more people, he takes the decision to renovate and rent more of his properties.

”I have such pleasure helping my guests during their stay, by giving them something more than tips. Usually, I provide them with a map of the city and sometimes a bottle of wine or even a sunscreen, as most of my guests are not prepared for the Greek sun. I always like to extend my services and positively surprise my guests with small unexpected gifts. My goal is to constantly improve my guests’ overall experience. That is the main reason I added Butlair as an extra service in my apartments.

The host and apartment's details
In Panos’ living room you will find unique objects!

From the beginning I realized that the Butlair team is very professional towards my guests and can add real value to my services. I know they have updated information for everything that happens in the city and it is impressive that Butlair always finds the right answer in every unique request. I believe the service that Butlair provides meets any traveler’s needs.

The host and apartment's details
Living room details

After 6 months with Butlair, I have seen how much it has contributed to my listings. It’s something that my guests don’t expect and are amazed when they discover it. All this is reflected on the positive reviews I get from my guests that mention Butlair in their comments.

The host and apartment's details
Butlair in Panos’ appartment

Butlair gives travelers the feeling that they can rely on somebody during their stay in Athens.

The host and apartment's details
The terrace and a great view to Lycabettus hill

The most important part is that now I have a trustworthy partner I can rely on. I feel much better that I know my guests have someone prompt and responsive to help them 24/7 during their stay in Athens.”

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The host and apartment's details
Relax and have a great view to the Temple of Zeus!