Greece is an inspiration for all who come here. Athens covers a huge area, from its major landmarks of the ancient Greece to the modern city center. A traveler visiting Athens has unlimited options. A plethora of choices can turn your trip in a memorable experience.  

Each one of us is unique and as it happens, every time we travel in different moods or different reasons. That’s why I strongly believe that there is no right recipe to follow that makes the best travel experience. Personally, in many of my travels, there are times that I just want to look at the sea. Others that I love strolling around the city and discovering it’s best places and hidden corners.

This is one of Butlair’s main goals. Our team is trying to comprehend your needs, understand your purpose of travelling and sense what kind of mood you are in.

Veridiana is one of the travelers that used the Butlair service. Together we organized her stay in Athens, by making the ideal plan for a unique tailored-made experience.

Acropolis Athens
Veridiana in Acropolis Athens

“Last summer I went to Athens for the first time for a stopover. Because it was only 24 hours, I needed to be very precise and direct to the point about what I would like to see there.

So I took the decision to contact Butlair’s team. I was impressed about how fast they replied. They built a schedule for the day, which attended exactly my needs and time pressure. They enabled me to get the best possible out of Athens in a day.

The plan included the main sight-seeings of the city. We started at the Zeus Temple, followed by passing through other attractions such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis hill. At the evening, we ended up at a lounge bar with an amazing view of the Parthenon. It was amazing!

Butlair was essential for the success of my trip.

Sightseeing in Athens

I had an amazing time going to the places that they recommended. Butlair was essential for the success of my trip. They are very professional and helpful, ready to listen to my preferences and timing details. Finally, they designed a perfect day for me.”

I had a very good time in Greece, thanks to Butlair.

Sightseeing in Athens
The temple of Zeus