It’s the third time this month that I am going to Filopappos hill. I used to visit since I was a child, especially when I wanted to escape the noise of the city. Usually I go when it’s sunny, but yesterday that was cloudy the place had a particular impressive beauty.

Grab a coffee or a snack and enjoy your morning in a peaceful and beautiful hill. Take your lunch around two o’clock when the colors of the sky are very intensive. Of course, you will enjoy a view of Athens that takes your breath away.

Filopappos hill
Walking among ruins!

Most of the time it’s not very crowded but generally you will see people walking their dogs, families and people that just want to unwind and chill. In short, it is a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Athens Filopappos hill
Agios Dimitrios church

The Philopappos Monument is an ancient Greek mausoleum dedicated to Julius Philopappos, a prince from the Kingdom of Commagene. In reality, we refer as Filopappos the three main hills that are connected with a link of paths that is hard to distinguish their starting or ending points. This relaxing place for a stroll is also called the Hill of the Muses where it is believed that the 9 muses were buried. Along with the hills of Pnyx and Nymphs, was according to Plutarch, the place where Theseus and the Amazons battle occurred.

From that vantage point, a full view of the Acropolis awaits.

Take a leisurely walk through the beautiful paths of the hill to reach its full height of 147 meters (482 ft). The most popular path is the one that starts at the Akamantos street in Thisio and reaches Asteroskopeio. Asteroskopeio was the first observatory of Athens, a neoclassical domed structure with a cross-shaped floor plan. It was built atop the hill of the Nymphs by the Danish architect Theophil Hansen. From that vantage point, a full view of the Acropolis awaits.

Athens Filopappos hill
A breathtaking view of the Acropolis hill!

After a good walking workout, you will find the hill of Pnyx. There, the ancient Athenians gathered to hold the popular democratic assemblies. Great politicians like Periklis discussed about political issues and took important decisions. If you are more sophisticated and curious, keep in mind that from this place the foundations of Meton’s observatory are still visible just behind the podium of the Pnyx.

Athens Filopappos hill
Athens and the sea!

The acropolis views and the serenity that this place offers to anyone make it so unique. So, if you are in a good shape and a history lover climb up the hill and enjoy !

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