Last Friday strolling around Kolonaki, an amazing new jewelry store caught my eyes. I entered and stayed there chatting with the owner Maria and drinking wine in a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

With a background in Gemology and more than two decades of experience in working as a diamond & antique jewelry specialist and appraiser, Maria Kaprili has been making art for a small circle of devoted clients. Her passion for jewelry design & creation made her decide to launch her own brand collection. Eventually she did it!

Jewellery by Maria Kaprili.
Handmade rings

 Inspired by the Art Deco period, Maria is best known for her modern and bohemian chic style. Her amulets bring good luck & protection.

Jewellery by Maria Kaprili.
A beautiful necklace

At her beautiful and yet eccentric shop in Athens, Maria now designs fine jewelry. She is so deeply entwined in her crafts, as if a part of her soul is imparted into each piece. Her ideology is a blend of history, culture, tradition and travelling. What makes her and her partner Ilia unique, is the personal connection that creates with each client, before selling her fascinating pieces of art. A profound love of fine jewelry is evident when you visit her workshop at Kolonaki.

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Collage by Maria Kaprili.
Maria’s workshop